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Affordably Complete Your House Arrest with Our Monitoring and Surveillance Services

You can receive the most flexible and reliable monitoring equipment, tracking devices, and surveillance services on the market today through Ace Bail Bonds Inc. We work with all types of house arrest and monitor people on house arrest for the courts.

We provide a wide variety of the most advanced and effective monitoring systems and services, all at affordable prices to help make sentencing alternatives a realistic choice for our clients.


Monitoring is an important responsibility, so you’re offered a system you can depend on and that’ll make managing your compliance with community-based sanctions more effective.


Through focusing on superior service, it is our goal to lead clients to a successful completion of their monitoring program.

Your house arrest solution

24/7 service is available! Call now!


1-877-ACE (223)-7999

Important forms:


Monitoring and surveillance FAQs:


Do I need to sign a contract?


Yes, this ensures your understanding and helps you complete the program successfully.


Am I required to have a landline?


No, you don’t need a landline to be on the electronic monitoring with Ace Bail Bonds Inc.


If you do have a landline, caller I.D. and long distance service are the only features permitted.


Can I change my work schedule?


Yes, but it must be approved through sentencing authorities 24 hours in advance, and verification is required.


Please download the schedule change form to start the process.


What forms of payment are accepted?


All forms of payment including major credit cards, cash, and checks.


Will I be charged for long distance calls?


No, all equipment use a toll free number to communicate with Ace Bail Bonds, Inc.


What do I do if I think the equipment isn’t functioning properly?


Call Ace Bail Bonds Inc. at

1-877-ACE-7999. Our staff is available to help you troubleshoot your issues 24/7, 365 days a year.


  • One-Piece

  • Active and Passive GPS Tracking

  • Cellular Triangulation Tracking

  • 3G Cellualr Capability

  • Up to 36 Hours of Battery Operation

  • Water-proof up to 4ft

  • Tamper Resistant

  • Inclusion/Exclusion Zones & Schedules

  • Vibration, sound & LED alerts

  • Weight 5.28 Oz

Available equipment

  •  ACTIVE GPS w/ BacTrack Alcohol Monitoring - $16.00    

  • ACTIVE GPS (live tracking) - $12.00

  • SCRAM Monitoring - $13.00

  • SCRAM w/ house arrest - $16.00                                    

                                    All price are per day.

Individual pricing

To receive your monitoring or surveillance service, you must pay the minimum 14 days and setup fee at start and weekly payments thereafter.


You need to make full payments at the beginning if you want to use the equipment for 14 days or less. A minimum 3-day fee will be applicable for all programs that are less than 3 days.

Required fees at contract signing

Phone icon Outside of the office
  • Set-up fee - $80.00

  • After Hours Fee - $50.00

  • Traveling fee - $0.57 per mile, round trip

After hour fee and removal fee can be waived by being setup in office during normal business hours (M-F 8am-5pm).


BACtrack Device

Shadow GPS Device

Track-Group-GPSGlobal-SHADOW-GPS-Personal-Tracker BACtrack-mobile scram-continuos-alcohol-monitoring-bracelet-front_
  • Police-Grade Xtend® Fuel Cell Sensor Technology

  • Bluetooth Connectivity - Wirelessly connects to your iPhone or Android Device via Bluetooth

  • Includes washable, disposable mouthpieces to improve accuracy by collecting the highest quality sample.

  • Blowing Time - 5 Seconds

  • BAC Range 0.000-0.000% BAC

  • FDA and DOT Approved

  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery - Up to 300 test on a single charge

SCRAM - Continious Alcohol Monitoring

  • Automated, non-invasive monitoring

  • Samples perspiration every 30 minutes

  • Data analysis of every alert

  • Independently tested, court validated

  • Single-source admissibility - no back-up test required

  • Optional RF curfew monitoring