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Saving lives one breath at a time - ignition interlock

Fast and Easy Ignition Interlock Services

If you’ve recently received a DUI or a test refusal charge, you can install an ignition interlock into your vehicle and get back on the road with Ace Bail Bond Inc.’s affordable help!

  • Installation: $25.00

  • Calibration: $69.69/month

  • Violation Reset: $30.00

  • Transfer: $100.00

  • Deinstall: $69.69

Ignition interlock service fees:

Make sure you bring the following information to your installation appointment:

Required information to schedule ignition interlock installation

Call to schedule your interlock installation!


1-877-ACE (223)-7999

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  • Current contact information

  • Date of birth

  • Driver's license number

  • Vehicle type

  • Owner information

  • Required date of installation

  • Agency that is ordering the installation of the interlock

  • Agent who gets the report - case manager, probation officer, etc.

All prices listed are before taxes.

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