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How Bail Bonds Work

Learn more about our complete bail bond process from Ace Bail Bonds Inc., so that you have a clear idea of our services.

If someone is arrested and placed in jail, they can regain their freedom by posting bail or by calling on a bail bondsman to post bail on their behalf. If a bail bondsman is used, the bail bondsman will pay the bail fee and secure the arrested individual's release.


Before the bail is paid, the bail bondsman will charge the arrested individual or their co-signer a percentage of the bail fee as the initial fee. This initial fee is not refundable, even if the case is thrown out.

Paying the initial fee

After the initial fee is paid, the bail bondsman will take out a security against the arrested individual’s assets in order to cover the cost of the bail.


If the arrested individual does not have enough assets to cover the cost of bail, the bondsman can take out the securities against co-signers.


When a security is taken out, the bail bondsman often requires a 10% cash payment in addition to the mortgage on a person’s home that equals the full amount of owed money.

Taking out securities

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If the arrested individual doesn’t show up in court on their trial day, the bail bondsman can hire a bounty hunter to track and sue the individual for the money that was given to the court for the defendant’s bail bond.


The bail bondsman can also recover unpaid money by claiming assets that were owned by the defendant or co-signers.

Failing to show up to court

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