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Read Through Our Some Important FAQs

We have provided extensive information on our ignition interlock installation and calibration process to give you a brief idea of the services we provide.

An ignition interlock is a breath-alcohol measuring device for vehicles. The ignition interlock tests your breath and allows your vehicle to start if it is lower than the legal limit.


If your breath’s alcohol level is above the legal limit, the ignition interlock will immobilize your vehicle. Ace Bail Bond Inc. installs Drager Interlock XT for all customers.

What is an ignition interlock?

The ignition interlock monitors you by recording dates, times, test results, engine runs, and engine stops. Authorities review the data to see if you’re complying with your interlock program.

Is the ignition interlock monitored?

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1-877-ACE (223)-7999

Installations must be scheduled through Ace Bail Bond Inc. and usually last an hour and a half.


If Ace Bail Bonds Inc. can’t schedule you in for an installation on the same day, we’ll schedule you for the next day. Some vehicles, such as push-to-start vehicles, may take longer than vehicles with regular ignitions.


At your appointment, you must fill out required forms, including the contract and the lease agreement. You must also schedule your monitoring and calibration appointment.


You’ll then be provided with the user manual and can ask any questions about or how to operate the ignition interlock.

What can I expect at my appointment?

Your ignition interlock will need to be monitored every sixty days. The monitoring and calibration check general takes 15 minutes to complete.

How often will my ignition interlock need to be monitored?

If you miss your monitoring appointment, your vehicle will become locked. If you’re locked from using your vehicle, you’ll need to tow your vehicle to our location at your expense to have it serviced.


You will also have to pay a fee for missing your appointment.

What if I miss my monitoring appointment?

No, the ignition interlock does not shut the engine off or stop it abruptly.


If a retest is failed or if the retest is not taken when required, a violation will be recorded and the vehicle’s horn will sound and the lights will flash until the breath test is passed or the vehicle is turned off.

Will the ignition interlock shut off the engine?

The interlock allows a free restart of two minutes and can be restarted within this time without another breath test.

What if the vehicle stalls in traffic?

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